About our photography services, (Shooting): We are home based business and do not have, nor do we use a studio. All of our work is done on site, "we go to the location". Whether it be a family portrait or photos of your pets, I have always found clients to be more at ease in a friendly environment.

Photography Services: We offer three shooting scenarios, they are as follows.

Limited Shoot: The objective is to capture only one or several shots of a particular subject matter such as family portraits, pets, material objects etc.

Fees for this type of a shoot are billed on a travel and time basis and finished prints are billed at the rates listed in our Print Price List.

Event shoot: The objective is to capture an event such as a corporate function, birthday party, family reunion etc.

Fees for this type of a shoot are billed on a travel and time basis and a print package including a DVD is included, additional prints and DVDís will be available at an additional cost.

Weddings; We offer three Wedding packages.

Simple; Includes travel and up to two hours shooting time. A basic print package is included, (up to (24) 5 x 7 and
(2) 8 x 10ís).

Basic; Includes travel and up to four hours shooting time. A print package and basic album is included up to
(36) 5 x 7, (2) 8 x 10 and (1)11 x 14).

Classic; Includes travel and up to eight hours shooting time. Exquisite custom made album containing thirty six individually printed pages of photographs and collages chronologically capturing your wedding event. Also included is a DVD of the album and many candid shots not in the album.

About our photographic services, (Lab-Technology): Being a home based business we do not have a storefront; customers are welcome to drop off and pick up their goods or we will be happy to pick up and deliver said goods. For customers outside of the greater Tacoma area we may use UPS, FedEx or other means for transport of goods.

Photographic Services: We offer a multitude of services, if you should have a need for a photographic service not listed, please contact us, if we can not provide it we may be able to direct you to someone who can.

Prints and Enlargements: Prints and enlargements are produced from the following media types; 35mm negatives or positives, existing prints, or digital files. We produce or reproduce prints in any size up to 17" x 22".

Touch-up, restoration and colorization; We repair photos, old or new that are torn, have blemishes, stains, faded or poor color. We convert black and white photos to color and color photos to black and white.

Matting and Framing: In house custom matting and framing is provided for those wishing to preserve and display those precious memories.

Digital Conversion:  Existing prints, 35mm negatives or positives can be converted to high resolution digital files and placed on CD's.

DVD Motion Movies: We use state of the art software to convert digital prints, 35mm negatives, positives or prints to high resolution digital movies for playback on any standard DVD player. This is a unique process that adds motion to still photos and really brings them to life in a movie format. Sound tracks may also be imbedded whether it be narration or music.